An aesthetic criterion for truth (believing in what appeals to your sense of harmony or beauty, or believing because of moral dogma) is a primitive, religious mentality that hampers progress. It was responsible for papal inquisitions. It was responsible for the “final solution to the Jewish question”, the stupidities of anti-creationism, belief in crop-circles, and countless other idiocies and cruelties down the ages.

Mulder and Sculley

Just when we thought we were on the way to a new age of enlightenment and reason, along comes the X-files and makes gullibility fashionable again.

The truth is always available. Choosing not to believe the truth when the truth is obvious or verifiable is intellectual suicide. Just because Mulder and Scully are snappy dressers, good-looking seekers after the improbable truth that is “out there,” we must all follow suite. We must do it while having our colons irrigated in our own personal, natural, organic floatation tanks. Moreover, we must do it with dreadlocks.

New age mysticism is a negative force in society, because it is turning people towards an aesthetic criterion for truth, rather than an objective one.

Is greed such a powerful driving force behind free market society that it cannot be replaced by some other motive to do work? Like interesting jobs etc.

Money is a medium of exchange that allows a society to be more efficient. If Society is viewed as an organism that seeks to minimise the wastage of effort, money is the perfect mechanism for achieving that aim. If we were to assume that an endeavour that gave greater profit was more useful to society than one that did not, simply because more utility was delivered per joule of energy expended, then investment by individuals, motivated only by greed, is the mechanism that is most liable to deliver the greatest utility to society as a whole.

If on the other hand the benefit of that reduced effort was never spread to society as a whole, then investment by individuals motivated by greed is a great social tragedy.

The only society that can work efficiently is one in which resources are moved to where they are most useful in the least possible time, and the benefits of people’s work was felt in all of society.

There is a basic contradiction in both free market economics and command economics, which can only be reconciled by legislation that is informed by the principles of cybernetics and chaos theory etc. By legislation that seeks to provide free flow of information and cash, while at the same time reducing certain freedoms to exploit workers and hoard information or cash.