Keeping up

It used to be that you could keep abreast with the news by reading the Sunday morning newspapers, or at least that’s how it seemed. Now I find that I scan several hundred RSS feeds to track all the news I care about. The birth of the Blogosphere is a mixed blessing to anyone with a life. You have to fit your surfing and professional development in around everything else. According to Google’s analysis of my reading patterns, I seem to be doing most of that after dark:

It’s an unhealthy pattern, which I picked up in university – I feel guilty if I’m not doing something useful. After I left university I tried to shed the habit, but I never seem to have done it successfully for very long. I have to force myself to sit in front of the box. Last century anthropologists remarked about how driven we all seem in comparison to the leisurely lifestyle of indigenous peoples. We’ll, I wonder what they would make of a pattern like this? People feel that in order to keep up they must give up on sleep. There doesn’t seem to be much room for plain old fun in this pattern eh? In Readify, they classify people in this category as night-programmers – and they regard them a more recruitable for obvious reasons. I can’t help think it’s a euphemism for hopeless workaholics. Not that I mind that much – I get more of a sense of achievement from an evening programming than I do from a night in front of the TV, but I still wonder.

I gotta do something about this. Something’s gotta give – but what?