I’m an architect and senior developer with over 11 years experience in the software industry. Focussed on enterprise application design and development high-use systems, I emphasize well thought out designs, high-quality software production and future-proofing. I am expert in OO, object relational mapping (ORM) systems, .NET and C#.

In recent years, I’ve been chief architect, consultant and developer as situations demanded. I specialize in developing guidance for design and development teams, having helped both small and extremely large development teams. I place great stress on developing high performance application frameworks for enterprise level systems. I also have a moderately popular blog where I write on issues of software engineering, the semantic web, and anything else that takes my fancy.

My career has spanned numerous industries and more than a few technologies. I’m currently specializing in C#, but before that I have earned a living developing in Java and C++ (anything with curly braces). I’ve always worked hard to stay abreast of the current state of the art in software engineering. That gives me a depth of insight into the fluidity of techniques and methodologies that many designers and developers lack. My current professional focus is LINQ and Ontology development, and I am currently researching ways to bridge the divide between the object oriented and the semantic domain. It’s early days there, but I have high hopes.

Over the last 6 years I have become expert in the use and development of ORM systems. They help me develop robust systems within tight budgets and timescales. As an architect I provide guidance to technical design teams, and develop low-level infrastructures. That often involves designing and developing data access and entity subsystems for my clients. At Avanade, these systems formed the foundation for a complete re-engineering of their core share registration systems.

Between 2003 and 2004, I designed and oversaw the development of a large system that formed the foundation for the site. This high-profile project was funded by Newcastle City Council. It was one of the first digital city installations in the UK, and allowed a three way communication between citizens, businesses and the council. My systems included all of the infrastructure and application software needed to produce a next generation virtual labour market and B2B marketplace. It also provided a means to attach a whole world of other facilities at a later stage. It uses the distributed component based facilities of .NET to the full.

Another highlight involved the design and development of key subsystems for PathSight, the leading telepathology application in Europe. In the PathSight project I was responsible for the production of subsystems for TCP/IP communications, graphics, remote control and teleconferencing. My graphics subsystem made groundbreaking use of DirectX in conjunction with high resolution digital cameras. PathSight still sees regular use in Japan, Sweden, England, Scotland, Germany and Norway.
In other projects I have developed security and authentication systems (for the Halifax Building Society), genetic algorithms for data compression (via Southampton University for NPower), and user registration systems (for Card Protection Plan).

University of Brighton, UK ( May 1995
* B.Sc. (hons) Computer Science (2:1)
* Dip HE Computer Science
* HND Software Engineering

Senior Developer, Readify Pty Ltd ( May 2006 – Present
* Development of package holiday system for leading internet travel company Webjet
* Included hotel and flight queries
* Predictive availability caching system
* Acted as project manager, customer liaison and architect as circumstances demanded
* Performed .NET technology conversion (to .NET 2.0) for Sensis
* Provided guidance on technical enhancement opportunities to management team at Trading Post

Chief Architect, LinkMe Pty Ltd ( Sept 2005 – May 2006
* Set up development environment and process including quality standards, change management and configuration management
* Recruited development team and trained them in development process
* Developed customer survey system
* Developed bulk email system
* Solved security issues with ASP.NET
* Performed system deployments, modifications and routine maintenance

Lead Architect, BigPond ( Feb 2005 – Sept 2005
BigPond Wireless and Online Content Technology Division
* Lead Architect on BigPond movie downloads project
* Definition of high level solutions for project
* Liaison with external vendors
* Designs for cross sight single sign on solutions
* Designs for linguistically aware spelling suggestions in search site
* Caching architecture guidance
* Definition of capacity-planning procedures

Application Architect, Avanade UK ( Jan 2004 – Sept 2004
Project: Redevelopment of core systems for LloydsTSB Share registrars
* Designed and built core system infrastructure
* System was FAST, robust, SIMPLE, scalable, maintainable and made use of principles of AOP and SOA using ACA.NET 3.0
* Developed strategies for Lloyds to adopt ORM technologies
* Evangelized best practice to Accenture BDC for TDD and agile process
* Helped to design interface with EAI systems (BizTalk 2004)
* Designed code generation facilities using UML (Rational XDE)

Technical Architect & Dev Lead( Feb 2003 – Jan 2004
DigitalBrain PLC, UK
* Design & development of low level infrastructure for B2B & B2C systems
* Decoupled system using SOAP & Remoting
* Development of multiplatform ORM system
* Development of code generation systems to generate everything from domain models to DataGrids and deployment scripts
* Integration of GIS systems
* Developed Virtual Labour Market and Virtual Storefront Systems
* Integration of systems with BEA Aqualogic Portal System (Plumtree)
* Team management and project lead
* Requirements analysis, feasibility studies, & technical design
* Presentation to and liaison with key stakeholders and management

Senior Software Engineer ( Dec 1996 – Nov 1998
Fairfield Telepathology Ltd, UK
* Lead developer on world-leading telepathology product
* Development of TCP/IP communications systems
* Development of DirectX based graphics systems
* Development on videophone applications
* Debugging and diagnostics on satellite communications issues
* Redesign and development of core systems based on principles of component-based development using DCOM
* Introduction of XML technology (quite new back then) to systems
* Development of remote control systems
* Development of photomontage systems for control of peripheral systems
* Development of email systems
* Development of auto-focussing systems

* .NET (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, & parts of Orcas) using C#
* Object Oriented Design including pattern based development, UML, Booch, Rumbough, & Schlaer-Mellor as well as Aspect Oriented Development (AOP) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
* ORM systems including LINQ to SQL, Koan, Torque, & Genome
* Web technologies including (X)HTML, CSS, JS, XML, RDF(S), OWL, SWRL, SPARQL
* Development Environments including N* tools (NAnt, NUnit etc), VS.NET (2003, 2005, Team Suite)
* Revision control systems including TFS, Subversion, CVS, SourceSafe & Rational Clearcase
* Various others…

I am unashamedly a family man. My wife and I were lucky enough to have twins, Thomas and Emily, back in 2005. I don’t think either of us has had a good night’s sleep since. 😉

When I commute to work, I do a lot of blogging, or researching future professional interests. I work hard to maintain a broad professional focus, and at times that means neglecting all the other things I love to do. I am an avid reader and music lover. I even play the guitar (badly) and love to walk in the hills. Other passions I don’t find much time for lately include photography, table tennis, cookery, movies and socialising.

8 thoughts on “Resume

  1. Hi, I am John from Technisource. I would like to submit your resume to one client for 10 months contract at Harrisburg, PA. Please do let me know ur interest to mailing me @ so that we can disucss further. I’m very much impressed with ur profile. Thanks – John.

  2. Good Morning, I am Kelly from Integrated Staffing Solutions. I have two contract positions in Harrisburg, Pa that I would like to discuss with you. Please e-mail me at or call me at 866-896-2248 ext 27 so we can discuss the positions in detail. I look forward to speaking with you.
    Thank you, Kelly

  3. Hi

    Trust you doing well.

    It was pleasure speaking to you, kindly find below rek details and let me know your interest with best rate.


    Duration : 3-6 months
    Location: SFO – CA
    Looking for core “business object layer” .NET Architect who is strong on LINQ to come in and refactor client’s whole business layer.
    Client needs to rip the CSLA.NET library out and write the LINQ lightweight business objects and data access layer over the next few weeks.

    like to time box this effort with a resource to come on-site, be hands-on developing, and be strong enough to mentor the current developers though this process of implementing these objects so they have a solid code base.

    Narendra Mandravat, Sr. Technical Recruiter

    ObjectWin Technology, Inc.
    2650 FountainView Drive, Suite 405, Houston, TX 77057
    Direct: 832-495-4971 | Fax: 713-782-8283 | |

    Deloitte 2006 & 2007 Technology Fast 500 North America
    Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
    Oracle Certified Partner
    A Certified MBE Company

  4. Dear Sir,
    I can’t agree with
    you more. I am using STL to create APIs
    And I rejected Java and C# just for the reason
    you mentioned here. Could you give me
    permission to refer people to this blog entry
    from the preface of my book? The book
    would be on API of some interesting topic.

    Waiting to hear from you.

    Sudipta Mukherjee

  5. Hi! I am Sean from a Semantic Web firm based in Waterloo Ontario, Canada. After reading over your thoughts on Semantics I think you could be a great fit for our Senior Architect role. Sadly due to the NDA I cannot disclose more on what we are doing, but I am impressed with your profile and would love to chat if you have some down time.


  6. Hello, my name is Brandy White with Glotel Inc. I am contacting you because I am currently looking to fill a 2+ year contract position in the DFW area for a BEA Aqualogic Developer. Would you or someone you know be interested in speaking about this? If so please contact me at

    Brandy White
    Senior Technical Recruiter
    Glotel, Inc.
    A Division of Spring Group Plc.
    T: 214-922-8948
    M: 972-273-9590
    Global technology resources and solutions.

  7. We are writing architecture and framework to create a new game controller device and will move into a signature game build next year. We are currently working to get an API/ SDK architecture piece written for the controller. Is this something you’d be interested in?

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