Does this seem nice to you?

After years of recoiling at the sight of code like this, am I supposed now to embrace it in a spirit of reconciliation?

namespace ConsoleApplication1
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            dynamic blah = GetTheBlah();

        private static dynamic GetTheBlah()
            if (DateTime.Now.Millisecond % 3 == 0)
                return 0;
                return "hello world!";

need to wash my hands.

Quote of the Day – Chris Sells on Cocktail Parties

I can relate to this:

I’ll take a lake of fire any day over more than three strangers in a room with which I share no common task and with whom I’m expected to socialize

How to express this to my wife without her thinking that I am suffering from a combination of acrophobia and Downs Syndrome…?

BTW: I was surfing Chris’ blog because I’ve finally made the time to explore MGrammar and the “OSLO” SDK.

Expect to see a resurgance of blogging on this site, as I introduce you to my new open source project.

Expect to hear a bit about MGrammar, PEX, F#, Powershell, and declarative architecture specifications…

… I’m excited. New toys to play with and some amazing new productivity enhancements to play with…