BDALAP – Silver bullet for post-agile architect

Software svengali Alec Clews has recently delineated a methodology that brings together the best of both the Agile and Waterfall worlds into a single edible package that will keep us in work for years to come. The methodological guru said “BDALAP recognises that certain design decisions are a) complex and b) have far reaching implications“. The solution, he says, is to perform Big Design As Late As Possible.

Of course, an Agile exponent would say that “as late as possible” would be when the application proves not to scale. A waterfall exponent would disagree, saying that “as late as possible” is before anyone even thought of the project.

I applaud the triumph of common sense that tries to place Design somewhere in between.

Alec – can I sign up to become the first (or is that second?) antipodean “BDALAP Master”?