Page Rank 1 for LINQ

After about 17 months and about 32 posts (or 33 if you count this, which I don’t :) I finally got my LINQ postings to the top slot on Google. Thanks to Paul Stovell for letting me know. I’m not sure what made the difference – only a few months ago, I was on page 1,000,001 for queries like this. I’m sure it won’t last, especially when the LINQ documentation team start releasing their content out onto MSDN, so I’m indulging myself in a little back slapping while I can. Thanks to all those who visited, and linked to my posts – I hope I’ve helped to promote such an incredibly cool, elegant and worthwhile system.

Long May It Rule!


I shall be coming back to LINQ fairly soon with a series on creating a semantic web design tool (a Domain Specific Language, or DSL) for Visual Studio. I’ll be creating a DSL to allow me to create an OWL ontology and all the LinqToRdf code needed to work with it. I’ve just gotta read the book first. I may also be giving a short talk on the architecture of  LINQ query providers at the Victoria.NET User Group in the near future.