Small Child Wreaks Havoc. Again.

Never leave your laptop unattended. If you do, your son will convert this:


into this:



My son is a living embodiment of the second law of thermodynamics. And is attracted to buttons and keyboards in the same way that a moth is attracted to a flame.

Thankfully, he doesn’t know how to hit the save button yet.


3 thoughts on “Small Child Wreaks Havoc. Again.

  1. I cracked up when I read this!

    Can I assume that this piece is for your Dream Team contribution? Please tell your son that he is welcome to enter his own perspective on The Future of Search, and that he doesn’t need to try to sabotage your work!

  2. Kaila,

    It certainly is! I better send it through to you soon, otherwise I’ll end up polishing and polishing it until it gleams but is too late!

    Thomas (my son) being only two, has so far only graduated to logging in as guest and pressing buttons that light up the front of my machine. His main input to this article goes something like “More!”. Which I think says it all.


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