Science Headlines of the Day

Some of the low and high points of today’s science headlines:

Smoking and Caffeine inversely associated with Parkinson’s disease

Arsenic in chicken feed may pose health risk to humans

Guns in homes strongly associated with higher rates of suicide

Good behaviour, Religiousness may be genetic

Why small dogs are small

Study links propensity toward worry to early death

No, Einstein *wasn’t* religious

Segment of a “Quantum Repeater” demonstrated

Solar for 1/10th the cost: Use Haemoglobin

A Plastic wrapper today could be fuel tomorrow

The cost of anti GM-food “green” scaremongering

Belief in Reincarnation Tied to Memory Errors

Patient has wrong testicle removed

Christians being persecuted in Oregon

An imminent Crisis in Astronomy

Diplomatically pissing into the well of truth