Do I say anything worthwhile in this blog? « Alec the Geek

Alec recently agonized about whether he says anything worthwhile in his blog, or whether a blog was the right medium for the kind of things he wanted to say:

Do I say anything worthwhile in this blog? « Alec the Geek

Well, the short answer is an unqualified ‘yes‘.

The long answer (based on our own experiences) is that simplistic mainstream trolls or opinion pieces will attract more passing traffic than a carefully thought out, meticulously planned, thrice-proof-read epistles. Keeping your posts short and sweet, and simple for the lowest common denominator in the audience would seem to be the way to go.

That’s if all you cared about was site hits. But that misses the point. If your interests are niche interests, and if they are too technically demanding to draw a large crowd, does that make them any the less worthy? Of course not. In fact the more niche they are, and the more care you put into their production, the higher the information content. The web needs a higher signal to noise ratio, and it can only get that if well-informed and thoughtful people write in depth about whatever they want.

Keep up the good work, dude.