Google Space Imagery Coup – From KurzweilAI

NASA Ames research centre have announced a collaboration with Google to make available the gigaquads of data that they have gathered over the years. Hopefully this should make available data from lunar expeditions and some very interesting satellite imagery. I don’t know whether this will include data from things like the Hubble space telescope, but I hope so. One thing I am sure about, it will be a priceless resource for professional and amateur astronomers alike.

I wonder who else Google is talking to? The Human Genome Project? The Visible Human Project? Interpol? Imagine if they made it possible for researchers to publish their data sets when they publish a paper… Maybe in future, readers of scientific papers can draw their own conclusions about the validity of results by running their own analysis of the results. It might improve the quality of research if scientists knew that their results would come under greater scrutiny?

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