Dodgy theory of the week

Aymeric put me onto a cool application called Neuro Programmer 2 (from the sinister sounding Transparent Corporation – makes me think of Umbrella Corporation), that generates brainwave entrainment sessions. We tried out one called Caffeine Replacement, and were quite amazed at the effect it had on us. We both ended up euphoric afterwards.

That got me to thinking, if you can entrain your brainwaves deliberately to give you more vitality and concentration, isn’t it possible to accidentally find yourself in an environment that has the opposite effect on you? I wonder whether the distinctive sounds of computer fans, air conditioning, strip lights and conversational hubbub in an open plan office can combine to have a suppressive brainwave entrainment effect. Maybe that contributes to sick building syndrome?

Imagine how cool it might be to be able to use your laptop’s speakers to modulate the background noise to put you in the frame of mind you require. You could have a menu in the system tray with options like [Receptive & Creative], [Relaxed], [Energetic]. I would like that.