Let the Flame Wars Begin…

Alec has provided a few of the reasons he hates Microsoft. They all seem like sentimental attachment to other peoples litigation defeats… In honour of that, I have changed the colour of my blog for a day or two…

I too went through an undergraduate phase of anti-MS zealotry, and adopted obscure platforms as a kind of protest (i.e. Linux, Java, etc) then I went out to work, and realized that as far as the relevance of my skills is concerned, it didn’t matter whether the standards I knew were de jure or de facto, just so long as they were standard. Microsoft made it easier for me to pay the rent, so I am grateful that they were there doing what they do best.

Besides, I would have behaved in exactly the same way if I were in his position, so I can’t pretend to sit on the moral high-ground casting judgments at successful strategies designed to increase shareholder value. That was his job – he did it well.

Apart from that, it was just a little image that popped into my head during a discussion here at Readify – I did qualify my analysis as being a little bit dodgy so – caveat emptor!


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