Do legislators have a performance related pay scheme, or what?

If you needed any more graphic demonstration that legislators have too much time on their hands, read this. Apparently, trading standards people in the UK have forced a name change on a Welsh product called Dragon Sausages. Now, anyone but a complete imbecile (such as a trading standards officer, perhaps?) knows that a dragon features on the Welsh flag, and all Welsh people will know this, thus not being in any confusion about the nature of the product. Not so the Trading Standards Office, apparently.

There are three explanations that I can think of. 1. the Trading Standards Office is peopled by morons, 2. they think the general population are morons who still think the world is populated by fantastical beasts. 3. they have a performance related pay scheme where they have to produce a steady stream of rules for the rest of us to live by?

Any one of these alternatives is scary in the extreme. I think it may be a combination of all three.