WordPress Sabotage?

I am peeved. I have been writing this very long, very code-intensive blog post, and no matter what fiddling I do, I can’t get it to display the code properly. The code comes out at around 18px high. I thought it might be the post preview system in WordPress, but now I know why code fails to display properly on this damn site. WordPress have added a little ‘fundraising’ facility on the site – the ability to upload your own CSS files (for which you pay $15). And who are the most prolific bloggers? Programmers! And what do they shove in their posts? <pre> tags. Lots of them. So WordPress has sabotaged the style sheets to make sure that programmers either have to pay to display their posts properly, or leave the site.

I don’t suppose you need to try hard to guess which option I am aiming for. Can’t say I relish moving back to Blogger, but I guess I will if I am being blackmailed.


OK – Who knows of a good free blog hosting site, that allows me to tag my posts, and display source code properly. I must be able to talk to it from Word 2007 as well.