The Wandering Glitch is Moving

The Wandering Glitch is moving to

I finally grew irritated with not being able to categorise my blog entries. So I’ve moved over to WordPress, which in some ways is not as good as Blogger (esp the WYSIWYG editing) but blogger broke down the other day, and precipitated this fickle blogger to jump ship. Doubtless I’ll be back, but in the meantime I’ll be found at and if you are Web2.0 savvy (and lets face it – who isn’t these days, I mean, HELLO-O?) my RSS feed will be at Of course if you are only interested in one category (like photography) then you can access its feed on Cool Huh? Yeah, that’s why I changed.

Of course flickr can still publish to wordpress, so you’ll still be able to check out selected blogged photos. If you want the photo-firehose just connect to the feed on my flickr account: And beware – several hundred new photos are gonna be uploaded any day now. I shall have braodband by the end of the day (with any luck up to 1MB/s) so I may decide to archive the entire 3GB of photos to a private set on flickr…