I gotta git me some of this!

The mind boggles at the possibilities of shapelock!

It is a ‘Ultra-High Molecular Weight Low Temperature Thermoplastic ‘ which is to say – a form of modelling plastic that can be made plyable at just above room temperature, and can be moulded to almost any shape, but which when it cools is hard as steel. Now I have my shed, (well I share it with Cockroaches and Huntsmen spiders and moths the size of mice, but I call it mine) and a double garage (not pronounced like Mirage but like Forage) I also have the opportunity (but not the leasure time) to get more ‘practical’. I seem to be spend a lot of my spare time working on my software projects. It leaves me wanting to produce something tangible and useful, rather than something intellectually satisfying. The problem with intellectual pursuits is that once you have gotten your head around a problem, no matter how difficult it seems at the outset, you are left thinking that the problem was actually quite simple. Which brings to mind Steven Wolfram’s assertion that there is really only one level of complexity – our perception of higher levels of complexity is really only an awareness of our lack of insight into the problem.

Anyway, I want to produce lasting, and useful little gadgets for a change – the kind of things that buzz and flicker. To inspire me I have been visiting the Maker site, which is where I found out about shapelock.
What I want from YOU is ideas for the above little doohickeys. What would be cool to make.