An unfortunate hereditary affliction

It seems that Thomas and Emily have inherited an affliction from their paternal grandmother. The affliction is one of having prehensile second toes. Is it right that one that has never had to wear shoes should have a bigger toe than their big toe?


2 thoughts on “An unfortunate hereditary affliction

  1. That be a stern-looking little mutant you got there dude 🙂

    Seems to me there must be some advantage to having a long second toe…

    Very good photo anyway ;->

  2. This won’t be a problem, it’s an evolution thing:
    People with prehensile second toes can tippy-toe, balance, maneuver and easily pick up stuff when in the shower.
    They are also extremely attractive, witty and intellectual – but I can only go on my own evidence 🙂

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