Now here’s something I’d trade in the Hyundai to own

This Toyota concept car seems to have adopted the Fisher-Price/Window Media Player user interface approach to ergonomics. I’m not sure whether the dashboard is a touch screen, but I love the idea of exploring the object model of the car. I also love the idea of being able to control the car using a touch screen keyboard. In this age of automatic gearboxes and speed limiters, there is no reason for us still to be pulling and pushing levers to control the car – it’s a technological throwback, a bit like when a plane’s ailerons were controlled by cables attached to the joystick. That age has long past, but we still use joysticks – why?

Bring on the coffee cup holder keyboard to set gears and speeds. In fact why not control speed using an iPod scroll wheel? I suspect it will be a while before something like this filters out to the public, but I look forward to the day.