My OPML file

I thought that since I have installed SharpReader (the best RSS news reader on the net) for Kerry on Carbon, I might upload a few of the feeds that I read daily for her (and you) to check out.

Take a look at this file. You may have to convert the file to have the extension “.opml” to be able to import it into sharpreader, but it should work eventually. Its quite cool what is being done with RSS lately, my meager feed collection includes feeds for the weather, for VSS checkins at work, for new jobs posted in Melbourne, blogs, gmail, photos from friends and of course news syndication – it even has newsfeeds of new newsfeeds. I wonder what else is being done with it. I know that it’s become the latest thing to attack Microsoft with (over whether they are renaming the technology to web feeds or just naming a feature in IE7). Either way, it seems to be garnering a lot of venture capital these days, especially in the mobile sphere, so someone must be doing something cool with it.