Roman Page Mnemonic?

This is my memory jogger for Rome. I guess this isn’t the sort of thing you post to the public, since each of these phrases has relevance to Kerry and Me, since we were there. Q: Do any of these evoke thoughts of your own? Posted by Picasa


7 thoughts on “Roman Page Mnemonic?

  1. anyone who on the one hand wears the gayest clothes known to man (Michelangelo was a genius in various arts, but fashion design was not one of them) and on the other carries a submachine gun must be hard.

  2. Interesting

    “It is commonly thought that the uniform was designed by Michelangelo, but it would seem rather that he had nothing to do with it. However, Raffaello certainly did influence its development, as he indeed influenced fashion in general in Italy in the Renaissance, through his painting.”

  3. How depressing! There I was with the comfortable illusion that Michelangelo was a flawed genius, when in fact he was good at everything he turned his hand to. Perhaps he was crap a telling jokes, or had bad flatulence. Maybe he had an annoying snort when he laughed?

  4. This may help ease the depression..

    “Michelangelo’s David, the towering sculpture acclaimed for its depiction of male physical perfection, has a ‘hole’ in the back, two anatomy professors announced at a recent conference in Italy.

    Computer measurements of David’s body taken by professors Massimo Gulisano and colleague Pietro Bernabei of Florence University show a hollow instead of a muscle on the right side of the back, between the spine and the shoulder blade.

    “Michelangelo’s David is the result of intense anatomy studies. Here the artist achieved an absolute perfection except for that muscle in the back,” Gulisano said.”

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