little oberon bay 3

little oberon bay 3
Originally uploaded by Andrew Matthews.

This is little oberon bay on Wilson's Prom. Taki and I went there at the start of the year. It is sooo gorgeous to look at in this photo, and despite the fact that the temperature was up above 30C the water was bitterly cold and we couldn't cope for long.

I think it may have had something to do with the fact that there was only open water between us and Antarctica. Either way, it was easy on the eye.

This BTW is a test post from Flickr


One thought on “little oberon bay 3

  1. Yo. A grand piccy giving rebirth to memories of numb toes and aggresive bullet ants. Jellyfish dodging was fun too. The puffer-fish still didn’t perform though.

    Oh to be away again…made the mistake of starting to read “Kiwi Tracks” (the book) last week and am now constantly dogged with feet itching to be away. Brighton might be nice in summer (well, busy, dirty, noisy, and too hot anyway), but it’s not NZ.


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