What’s making me [drool] today?

Monad is a next generation command line interface from Microsoft that is due to become part of Longhorn. The architect, Jeffrey Snover, is so persuasive that you will end up nodding and wondering how you lived without it in the past.

He has taken the best of bash, awk, perl, VMS-DCL AS400 and WSH command line environments and has merged that language with a native .NET object pipeline model so that the command line directly pipes around .NET objects rather than text streams. Everything in the operating system, and everything else available to languages such as C# from the .NET framework are available in the same script. He describes a situation where you can grep an LDAP directory as easily as you can grep for files in the file system, the entries found are .NET objects that can then be piped through to some other command or have their properties examined and modified. Sounds seemless, and I can't wait to try it!