Blissful Relief

Well, I’m back in work – a fact that would normally be an occasion for mourning. But, at least on this occasion, I am settling in OK. I am doing a short contract for a local classified ads company called the trading post (if you’ve ever seen the movie The Castle, you’ll recognise the name). I will be working on redeveloping their admin back-end, and shall get more stored procedure practice than at any other time in my programming career. I guess that’s a good thing – filling the skills gaps and all that. Anyway, I have an unmediated connection to the internet that allows peak download rates of around 1MB/s which is faster than I got at Telstra (bizarrely).

So expect me to be eulogising about the wonders of some huge piece of freeware or another, or to be talking about something large that I found on a P2P network.


2 thoughts on “Blissful Relief

  1. P2P is sooooo passe; you should be downloading the latest film torrents.I believe you get them in Oz even later than we do in Europe… I managed to pick up a copy of Brazil the other day and all the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes are out there.

  2. I havent seen The Castle so i looked it up on IMDB: here is a brief summary:

    Tagline: Ordinary Family. Extraordinary Story.

    Plot Summary: A Melbourne family is very happy living where they do, near the Melbourne airport

    Wayne Kerrigan: How’s Mum?
    Dale Kerrigan: Good.
    Wayne Kerrigan: How’s Dad?
    Dale Kerrigan: Good.
    Wayne Kerrigan: How’s Trace?
    Dale Kerrigan: Good.
    Wayne Kerrigan: How are you?
    Dale Kerrigan: Good.
    Wayne Kerrigan: How’s Steve?
    Dale Kerrigan: He’s all right.

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