Behold – my firstborn (both of them)

Well, not quite firstborn yet – but we are now into the second trimester so things are going to be more stable from now on! First official diagnosis on the status of the twins indicates that they are in fact – jumping beans… You can tell that baby 2 takes after her mother.

Codenamed baby 1 and baby 2 prior to launch.

Baby 1

Baby 2


3 thoughts on “Behold – my firstborn (both of them)

  1. Hold on a second, mighty fine as your pre-launch smudges appear to be, there appears to be one missing? What happened to the third? Or has the first increment delivery been scaled down, thus forcing the third to be de-scoped?

  2. Ah! Well, I guess that’s kinda a blessing. I’m sure two will provide enough joy and entertainment to keep you both busy for the next 19 years or so 😉

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