Cowardly Manouver #1

Well, EDS seemed grim-in-the-extreme, they want someone to spend two months writing some godawful burocratic change request document for some Telstra billing department. I think that my facial expression may have hinted at the miasmic feeling of despondency and depression I felt at the prospect of having to wade neck-deep through so much pointless paper. I doubt I’ll hear back from them, especially after asking to see one of their documents to check the level of design they wanted from me – only to discover that there was none!!!

So, anyway, I decided to extend my contract for another month here at Telstra. Was that a true cowardly manouver, or just a trouble and dull-learning-curve avoidance manouver?


2 thoughts on “Cowardly Manouver #1

  1. nope, just sensible me thinks. I always endeavour to keep the cash rolling in while I’m trying to decide on the next thing, and a month is no time really – just about enough time to fit in a few more interviews 😉

    Bon chance amigo

  2. Could you believe it?
    After turning up after virtually no sleep and a very hot day, I looked sceptical at them, looked horrified at them when I found out what they really wanted, and I told the agent that I wasn’t interested. They offered it to me anyway! God they must be desperate. Either that or they offered it to everyone, and would just accept anyone who felt equipped to work in that place!

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