Wish Me Luck

I have an interview with EDS, a large consultancy company for a Telstra-inspired short term project. I was beginning to wonder whether all I was ever going to get was phone calls from strangers wanting to be my best mate, or prove to me that they are wankers. Why do they always want to meet me…
…I can’t make out whether they are play-acting business, or whether they believe that knowing what I look like might make my resume more believable than it is. Perhaps it is a kind of bonding process that they think will make me a more nutritious parasitic host.

If money is the lubricant of the economy and recruitment agents are the lubricants of structural unemployment, then the people I have been dealing with are the loose pocket change of economic churn.

As for EDS – I suspect a short term contract would be better than signing up for a full time job with a company like ThoughtWorks, even though ThoughtWorks seem to set a higher standard than normal and may be fun to work for. What do you think? Should I go for another contract or take a good permie job that pays a lot less?


2 thoughts on “Wish Me Luck

  1. I think you probably already know my opinion in the permie vs contract debate but I’ll chuck my tuppence in anyway.

    I really do believe there is a reason to take a permie job ahead of a better paid contract and the reason revolves around sexy technologies, controlling buy-in to projects / developments and an overall belief in the worthiness of the tasks one fulfils day-to-day. If ThoughtWorks don’t provide it (which I don’t think a wandering consultant position would), then it’s always a better option to take a well-paid, short-term contract. The short-term part of it allows for near-future decisions should that sexy permie job come around, and the well-paid makes it worth putting up with a less enlightening/fulfilling set of tasks in the meantime.


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