Jedi Wish List

Have any of these wishes become obsolete in the last 8 years?

  • Eradicate typographical errors from the development process.
  • Remove source code from the development process.
  • Move the emphasis of the development process from coding to design.
  • Make the development process a visual rather than linguistic one.
  • Move maintenance from code to design.
  • Make debugging easy
  • Make designs directly executable
  • Make viewing levels of abstraction easy.
  • Make moving from one level of abstraction to aqnother easy.
  • Make development using design patterns easy.
  • Enable collaborative design and development easy.
  • Allow context sensitive viewing possible using programming user profiles.
  • Enable something VR telepresence. Allow user definable representation of inter-entity relationships.
  • Allow vocal annotation of designs.
  • Infinitely expandable application architecture. Allow user modification and enhancement of the application architecture.
  • Platform independence.
  • Make IDE adaptable to your style of thinking/coding and let it produce a PUP for you.
  • Make standards, spec and protocols easy to produce and use to control the design process.
  • Make the protocols/specs etc easy to analyse.
  • Promote formal methods and provable designs.
  • Allow the optimisation of code. Ie the production of fast code.
  • Enable the uniform representstion of all types as classes.
  • Define the “type” that you wish to use by defining its type rather than defining it name.