Patently Absurd!

Derek bemoans the obscurity of his patent description on the ESO(?) web site, and the consequent lack of generated income as a result.

I say – tosh! Unfortunately I can’t say it in his blog, because it keeps crashing, so I’ll say it here.


If the patent site page is obscure, you should make it come out at the top of the google listings… by doing that you raise it’s profile without relying on passing traffic on the ESO site. The best way I can think of doing that is to try and get the link slashdotted, and included in Eurekalert and the KurtzweilAI newsletters. The number of cross links will then explode.
Failing that – you need to get loads of other pages linking to your page to up its rankings.

If it ranks in google, it doesn’t matter how crap the ESO search engine is, right?