New Toy

Somehow, my Samsung laser printer went missing while we were traveling. Doubtless it will be one of those situations I get myself into where I savagely accuse a waiter of over-charging or under-changing me, only to find that I have had too much to drink and can’t count. Or to put it another way, it’s in a box somewhere. Anyway – to hell with all that!! I’m gonna git me some o’ dat super-groovy, pict-bridge, multi-card reading, printing, scanning, copying, OCRing, contact sheet printing multi-function, picture-editing action. And I’m gonna git me dat in about half an hour ago.

go here

Yep I got one! An HP PSC 2355 All-in-one Printer, Scanner, Copier. Can’t wait to get home.

My favourite feature is the multichoice contact sheet feature. You print it out, then mark in the tick boxes what pictures you like. You then scan the contact sheet back in. It checks what you selected, and prints them at high quality for you. Another great feature is that it creates a DPOF from your annotated contact sheet. That’s a Digital Print Order Format file, that it writes onto you memory card. You then just give the card to the photo-lab and they print what you selected on the contact sheet! That sounds seamless!

GOD I love technology!