I have been entertaining myself (not others) by writing all my technical docs in LaTeX2e lately. The problem is that there is a dearth of quality documentation on the web. I get the impression that because LaTeX2e is geared towards producing beautiful print output the people who work with it are loath to produce documentation for it that is at once compendious, and in HTML.

Come on guys! The typesetting language is IMHO unparalleled, and I absolutely love to use it. But using it day-to-day is often tiresome unless you keep a reference book around to give details of every package that you need to use. Finding reference documents in a hurry can be a pain because there is no definitive place for them (that I’ve heard of).

I know the funding is pretty tight so this probably a vain request, but a full specification of every definition in TeX and LaTeX would be hugely useful, especially if they were categorised!