A sign of things to come?

I got the following in an email disclaimer that foreshadows interesting times ahead:

This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed.

Sounds like humans are only part of the game these days, and “entities” will be asserting their rights more forcefully in future. Perhaps such entities represent affiliated groups of humans, but perhaps they represent other semi-sentient information agregates such as software agents or epi-phenomena growing out there on the web as viruses or telephone exchanges?

One Question – How many of you reading this fall into the non-human category?

Thanks to GlennD for this signpost to the future

Straw Poll

I’m thinking of getting myself a new machine. If it was you and you were going to buy a tablet PC… which would it be?
And if it was a plain old laptop (desktop replacement)?
And workstation?

Hmmmm. Let me know, cos I’m stumped!

Now I know…

… why people are so keen to be famous:

Because when you’re famous you can burn your bridges.

I happen to want to burn mine so much right now, that I could spit! What was I thinking? Tomorrow would have been my last day. It still could be, but I can’t just walk out, cos that would mean I might get a bad reference, which I can’t afford.