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Architecture Services

Enterprise and Technology Strategy
Can your technology and processes adapt to your business strategy?

New Technology Adoption
Adopting new technologies is hard. I can help.

Building a Development Team
Who should you hire, and how should they work?

Engineering Services

R&D, PoC, Frameworks
Explore new opportunities, and translate them into production ready frameworks.

Solution and Application Architecture
Modern design paradigms to keep your TCO down.

High-performance Application Development
Build fast, always-on systems that can grow with you.

761Software Engineering

Our engineers have been at the leading edge of software engineering for decades. We normally work in .NET, but can help with Java, Erlang, JavaScript/Node, Go or most other platforms as required. More…


A little foresight goes a long way. Experienced architects can save you millions in wasted money and wrong turns. More…


Technology is no longer an expensive luxury, it must be part of your DNA. A technology strategist can help you understand what disruptions are coming and how to prepare for them. More…


If you are trying to build up the maturity of your development teams, I can help with hiring, standards and development methodologies. More…