photography to reincorporate: one for you Aggy

It appears that Boo has reincarnated to drag us down, once again. Of course, it won’t be possible without the help of Aggy Finn who was with them at the time*.

This is how he escaped last time:

If the contractor wages go down to 10GBP/hr again, Aggy, I shall be blaming you!!!!!

* Needless to say, most this is a pack of lies. Especially the bit about Aggy being responsible.

Photosynth CTP now on display

Live Labs has now put Photosynth on display to the public. You can’t add your own photos yet, but the interface is everything that they promised. I can’t wait to be able to use this on my own photos.

I think it will change the way I use my camera. With this interface I will still have to compose pictures that stand alone, since each picture is rendered alone on the screen. But I will be much more inclined to randomly shoot around me to try to ensure I have an overlapping montage ready for when photosynth is available on the desktop (assuming it will be). Currently it is only available as an ActiveX control for use in a browser. Does that mean that the control is to link you to images stored centrally? Is this the product that MS hopes will draw people away from Flickr to a service of their own? I hope not. I want this to replace Canon ZoomBrowser EX as the way I get to my images in future.

From Kurtzweil AI – Refocusable pictures

This will be revolutionary:

A computer science Ph.D. student at Stanford University has outfitted a 16-megapixel camera with a bevy of micro lenses that allows users to take photos and later refocus them on a computer using software he wrote. Ren Ng’s camera pits about 90,000 micro lenses between the main lens and sensor. The mini lenses measure all the rays of incoming…


Fern Bud

Fern Bud
Originally uploaded by Andrew Matthews.

This bud for a tree fern was about the size of my hand with fingers outstretched. It would be great to get a time laps of one of these unfolding. mind you, the humidity would have fritzed my camera way before it got through the sequence.

I love the fractal symmetry in the self similarity on each scale. I wonder how many levels of spiral there are in these buds? I guess I could work it out my looking at the levels of structure in an outstretched frond.

Frond – I love that word. I once bought an album by a band called ‘the bevis frond’, just because I loved the word – bloody stupid really, cos the music was an atrocity as I recal, anyway the minds a blank.